Behind The Brands: What To Know About Our Products

Behind The Brands: What To Know About Our Products

You know how to use the products, and know what they do and how they work, but how much do you know beyond the brand?

As part of our eco-friendly ethos, we ensure we look long past the labels of who and what we stock to ensure it's as sustainable as it can be while ensuring the ultimate quality. 

As PMU artists first and foremost, we get that you can't tick all the boxes to be recyclable, eco-friendly, sustainable, low emissions (the list goes on), while running a business, managing staff (another list continues), all the while ensuring your tools of the trade are top-notch. But, what we've learnt is that every little effort counts. 

So when you shop with us, be assured you're doing some good – always for you – and where and when you can, the environment too. 

With that, and with the continuous expansion of The Cosmetic Shop, learn a little about our top three categories and where the brands come from.


From Tina Davies, Brow Daddy, EvenFlo and Perma Blend, their reputations speak volumes, and their backgrounds are just as reputable. Perma Blend for an example ensure they're cruelty free, vegan, and use many organic ingredients in their inks. 

Eco Consumables

Once you go eco, you won't go back. The quality is ultimate while its green factor is sky high. Our consumables are made of bamboo rather than plastic. So why the fuss? Bamboo wood is one of the world's most fastest growing plants and is sustainable, renewable and 100% biodegradable. The growth rate means there's no need for pesticides, chemicals or herbicides to help move it along. There's a plethora out there on the benefits of bamboo products, but the fact it's biodegradable and sustainable had us sold.


COVID or not, hygiene and PPE is an absolute non-negotiable in the PMU industry. Our go-to is Elyptol – an Australian based company that pairs eucalyptus oil to equally natural sanitising ingredients (eg.ethanol from sugar cane). Their products have gone through extensive research to ensure they're safe on the skin but hard on germs and infection control. Plus, they don't test on animals!

What do you want to know about next? Let us know!

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