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Dry Brow (Brow Aftercare)

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Game changing brow cosmetic tattoo, lamination, tinting & henna aftercare.

The first of it's kind, Dry Brow is paving the way for an easier and more convenient microblading/cosmetic tattoo healing process as well as lamination, tinting and henna aftercare. Keep your brows dry after your treatment with Dry Brow's waterproof adhesive brow covers.

Dry Brow’s aftercare waterproof adhesive covers make it easy to keep your brows dry and protected during the microblading/cosmetic tattoo healing process or after brow lamination, tinting and henna. Simply apply before showering, cleansing your face, applying skincare or swimming and rest assured knowing your brows will remain dry so you can get the best results from your treatment!

Price is per pack of 10.