For cosmetic artists, by cosmetic artists.

Launched by Bell Barca, a Brisbane-based paramedical aesthetician and trainer, The Cosmetic Shop has been curated to provide cosmetic makeup professionals with the industry's highest quality products, all the while making them easily accessible and readily available. With this, each component of TCS has been considered with an eco-conscience. 

Compostable packaging and biodegradable consumables are some of the latest items on offer in a bid to clean up our oceans. You can view these items by going to the Eco Tools page of our website. By purchasing eco-tools, you are helping to save our wildlife from unnatural threats, and The Cosmetic Tattoo Shop would like to thank you for your support. Our shipping packaging is also eco-friendly and biodegradable. To join our national movement for change in the PMU industry, see our #permanentmakeupforpermanentchange campaign.

Our products have all been carefully selected by Bell to ensure their quality meets both their – and our – reputation.