Ready to join a movement of change in the PMU and cosmetics industry?

As part of The Cosmetic Shop, we've launched #permanentmakeupforpermanentchange – a movement inviting those in the industry to join us by committing to incorporating an eco-effort in your day-to-day, starting with the products you use.

With unethical and harmful consumables making up 80% of a PMUA and cosmetic daily toolkit, we're one of the first Australian companies to offer readily available eco-conscious products to cosmetic and permanent makeup artists.

From plastic cottonbuds to non-recyclable clip cord sleeves, lip applicators, mascara wands, and their packaging, everyday items used by non-artists and artists alike are significantly contributing to environmental deterioration and eco-system globally. In Australia alone, over 250 marine animals and 700 sea birds choke on plastic pollution every day.

The artists and businesses who stand with us and add the hashtag #permanentmakeupforpermanentchange to their socials/branding/website will be recognised with an industry discount when shopping green at The Cosmetic Shop, as well as be part of the first of its kind, creating an eco standard body of artists for the planet, leaving the ego behind all to go eco.